NYLEX Benefits

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Our firm collaborates with NYL Executive Benefits, LLC (NYLEX Benefits) to help businesses increase value to the owners while rewarding productive and loyal management teams. Our partnership with NYLEX Benefits provides us a team of highly skilled professionals in the legal, tax and actuarial fields to support our planning for our business clients.

We provide supplemental executive benefit programs to a wide range of clients. We focus on developing programs designed to reward those who contribute most to your company’s success. When it comes to providing customized executive benefit solutions, we are an industry leader that can help your company:

  • Remain competitive by attracting, retaining and rewarding top executives who have the ability to make a difference to your bottom line.
  • Provide incentives to encourage executives to stay with your company.
  • Create management benefit packages that motivate long-term performance.
  • Provide retirement benefits commensurate with pre-retirement pay levels, while overcoming limitations and restrictions imposed by traditional pension, profit-sharing and welfare benefit plans.

We can help you achieve these objectives while addressing your company’s financial goals and objectives, including cash flow, P&L and net worth. The key to any successful executive benefits arrangement is that it must be a win-win for all involved, management, the company and its shareholders/owners, now, and in the future.

Please visit the NYLEX Benefits website to learn more about our premier executive benefits consulting firm