Macro Asset Perspective

MAP introduction...


Our Macro Asset Perspective planning tool provides you a balanced approach to your personal asset accumulation and retirement income distribution goals by integrating the concept of asset allocation with prudent strategies for long term tax reduction. Whatever stage of life you are in, whether you are working to grow your assets or your assets are working to provide you retirement income, you are likely to benefit from the principles, processes, and strategies found in our MAP tool.

What is truly unique and indispensable about our innovative Asset Placement Model is the "big picture" view. We take fundamental economic principles and package them into a model that is designed to give you a visual picture of where your assets can be placed and, more importantly, why; helping you understand where you are today and make certain you head in the right direction as well as stay on track.

Ultimately, our Asset Placement Model constructs strategies to enhance and maximize your net retirement income, regardless of what happens with tax rates in the future. This is accomplished through successful positioning of your assets and efficient adjustments to your cash flow; to maximize effective diversification among assets and between tax treatments. You can expect the following from your personalized strategy:

  • You will become better equipped to organize your personal finances in a meaningful manner to help you attain your financial goals and objectives.
  • You will gain confidence that your assets, employee benefits, retirement plans, savings, investments and insurance programs are appropriate for you at this stage of your life and your tolerance for risk.
  • You will discover the advantages of coordinating and diversifying your pre-tax and after-tax assets.

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