Employee Workshops

An exclusive "give-back" service we provide is teaching on-site educational financial wellness workshops for not-for-profit academic and medical institutions, as well as various for-profit corporations. In our fast-paced world, often one of a family’s biggest concerns or challenges can be money, their financial situation, or wondering if they’re heading in the right direction. The workshops we conduct are education-only and are designed to give a broad overview of personal finances. Employees are more productive when they are confident in their futures, particularly in the area of their finances at home. Here are just a few components of what may be included in a workshop:
  •    Introduction of the Macro Asset Perspective (MAP)
  •    A Financial EKG demonstration to view one’s financial health
  •    The “Wonder” of Tax Deductible Investing
  •    An explanation of Annual Asset Reallocation
Contact us today to schedule a complimentary initial meeting to learn how our workshops can help your employees more effectively and efficiently achieve their financial goals and objectives. We look forward to the opportunity to customize a program for your organization.