Consultative Approach

We have an uncommon understanding of how the individual decisions you make impact the whole. And, we recognize the process engaged in making these decisions ultimately determines your personal planning and business planning success.

We take great pride in our Legacy Wealth Management process, which is vital to the design and implementation of every unique plan, and believe your decisions should embrace your values system and should also be supported by proven economic principles. Theories and circumstances change over time whereas principles are absolutes that do not.

Before engaging our process, clients have found a complimentary initial meeting to be a great way to find out if we are a good fit. This is not an elaborate discussion where we spend hours gathering data and digging into the details. This time is for you! It is simply an opportunity to determine if we should be working together.

If we decide to move forward, we will have a series of open, in-depth discussions that will focus on the objectives that are most important to you. Of course, understanding technical solutions and analyzing appropriate cash flow models are important; and, we are competent to creatively and efficiently structure the optimal strategies. However, the true art of our business is in asking the questions that compel you to weigh your objectives and honestly evaluate your priorities. Through active listening we get to the core of your belief system, business goals and personal wishes, so your unique financial situation is accurately addressed.

Once your objectives are established, we work closely with your team of trusted advisors to make certain that every aspect of your Legacy Wealth Plan is implemented, properly communicated, and kept up-to-date through our Legacy Wealth Organizer.