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Your Holistic Financial Planning Practice.

Who We Are

Sauser Financial provides superior investment management strategies and risk management solutions to discerning individuals, families and businesses. We have a clear vision to help our clients increase their financial profitability so they may live their best life.

We appreciate how important our clients' financial security and futures are to them; and we understand their success often creates increased responsibilities and complexity for them. That is why their confidence and trust are the assets we value most.

What We Do

In short, we provide two very important functions. First, we crystallize the objectives that are most important to you and design a tailored plan to accomplish those objectives.

Second, we make certain every aspect of your plan is implemented, communicated, and monitored. We take great pride in our holistic approach, which is vital to creating and implementing every customized strategy. Our goal is to ensure the plan you have is the plan you want.