Clarity. Confidence. Understanding.

Who We Are

Sauser Financial is a leading provider of independent, personalized financial planning and investment advisory solutions; serving discerned individuals, businesses and organizations. We have a clear and unwavering purpose: to help crystallize your objectives, understand your challenges, and implement a tailored plan to increase your financial profitability and quality of life.

We appreciate how important our clients' financial security and futures are to them. That is why your confidence and trust are the assets we value most. We also recognize that along with success comes increased responsibilities and complexity.

What We Do

In short, we provide two very important functions. First, we help crystallize your financial, business and legacy objectives. Second, we make certain your plan helps to accomplish those objectives.

We take responsibility to get the job done, and work closely with your team of advisors to make certain that every aspect of your plan is implemented, properly communicated, and kept up-to-date. Our goal is to make certain the plan you have is the plan you want.


How We Do It

Our holistic approach is a system of tools rather than a tool itself. Its implementation involves a series of measurable steps that are designed and customized to help you achieve the highest level of clarity, confidence, and understanding.